Benefit for ERAL

ERAL members benefit greatly from membership of a vibrant, national and international mathematics community with opportunities to apply for research facilities, attend Society events and to influence national policy.

The standing and usefulness of the ERAL depends upon the support of a strong membership, to provide the resources, expertise and participation in the running of the Society to support its many activities in conferences, public policy, influencing government, and mathematics education in schools.

The ERAL Staff therefore hopes that all mathematicians on the staff of Cameroonians universities and other similar institutions will support mathematical research by joining the Society. It also very much encourages applications from mathematicians of comparable standing who are working or have worked in other occupations. Hence ERAL member Benefits :

  • Stay informed about new trend in algebra, geometry, logic and teaching of mathematics;
  • Connect with the community of algebraists, geometers, logic in Cameroon and outside   Cameroon;
  • Access to resources and expertise: Get expert advice on informed travel with our workshops, events and courses;
  • Support the Society: Your membership is vital to support and sustain the work of the Society in advancing geography and geographical learning;
  • Membership of a vibrant, national and international ALGEBRAIC AND GEOMETRY community;
  • Networking opportunities;
  • Opportunities to influence national policy of mathematical education;

  • Full voting rights in Society elections – your chance to shape the future of the ERAL;
  • Opportunities to attend events hosted by the ERAL.